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Transportation for Extracurricular Activities

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In the rush of daily life, juggling our children's school commitments and extracurricular activities can be a real challenge. It is in this context that Rodokids comes in, a transportation solution designed to simplify families' lives.

Rodokids runs convenient round-trip routes between home, school, and extracurricular activities like never before. With a pick-up and drop-off service right at the doorstep, without intermediaries, we ensure convenience and safety on every journey. Parents can track their children's route directly through a direct communication line, providing peace of mind and confidence.

Moreover, our vehicles are licensed and equipped with car seats for all ages, ensuring the comfort and safety of children throughout the journey. And let's not forget our experienced drivers, who ensure smooth and responsible driving on every trip.

By choosing Rodokids transportation, families also have the opportunity to avoid traffic and enjoy quality time together, turning the journey into moments of connection and sharing.

At Rodokids, our mission is to make transportation to extracurricular activities worry-free for parents and a safe and fun adventure for children.